45 Hour Level 1 Intensive Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training




It has been Jill’s great privilege for the last 7 years to nurture 70 aspiring yoga teachers as they find their truth and voice through her Yoga Teacher Trainings. After leaving medical school to teach yoga, she has taken two 200 hour programs, is currently pursuing her 500 hour certification at Kripalu, and has done extensive training in Yoga Therapeutics, Ayurveda, and Vedic astrology. She also studies yoga philosophy and meditation with Paul Muller-Ortega. She has explored the full yoga world and wants to offer it to you! With her cheerful sense of humor and loving serene heart, she seeks to create a safe, warm, and light-hearted space for her students to be themselves and connect to the teacher within.

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“Teaching Yoga is one of the greatest services you can render, and it is one of the most honorable occupations you can have. To help someone relieve some of their suffering and see them rediscover the happiness and love in their life is one of the greatest possible rewards.”~ John Friend

Learn to Live and Teach What You Love!




  • $2,600 without unlimited classes.
  • Early bird special: $2500 if paid in full before first day of training.( Before March 9th)
  • Add on Unlimited Yoga:
  • Commit in 2018 and get the Unlimited Yoga Package for FREE ($600 savings) $2500
  • Commit before March 9th in 2019 and get unlimited yoga for 6 month for only $300($300 savings) $2800
  • Took the payment plan? We can add in unlimited yoga for $400 for 6 Months ($200 savings) $3000
  • Payment Plans are available.

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

This training is perfect for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the study and practice of yoga and/or learn how to serve others using the tools of this transformational path. The beginning of the training is combined with the 50 hour training and later expands on the foundations of the Level 1 intensive by covering more advanced postures, and delving more deeply into every topic including: pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy and physiology, and other styles of yoga. Our hope is that you will develop a strong personal yoga practice and an authentic voice so that you can teach yoga from your heart.


We recommend at least 6 months of some level of experience with yoga but Jill evaluates each student individually so please don’t hesitate to fill out an online application if you are interested.


Level 1 Intense teacher training

  • $595.00


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What Makes a Program Special? Our Vision.


A Principle-based Approach: Our goal is to make learning how to teach poses easy and systematic by using principles that point out the common alignment cues that apply to all poses in a category. These same principles can then apply to poses outside the scope of this training giving you the tools to incorporate new poses into your classes over time.

A Practical Approach: In addition to covering many yoga techniques and philosophy, we will place special emphasis on how these practices can apply, enhance, and transform your everyday life and those of your students. You will be able to use what you learn.

An Authentic Approach: We believe that excellent teaching comes from practice and life. In this training, you will be given the tools to deepen your understanding of yoga, cultivate a daily home practice and live your yoga. -

A Supportive Approach: We want to enhance and support your personal journey- whether you decide to teach or not.

A Fun approach!!! We hope to make learning all aspects of yoga fun by playing teaching games, providing intriguing questions for self-exploration in journaling, suggesting homework assignments that you’ll want to do, and making learning asana and anatomy more interactive by practicing, observing other people’s poses and teaching each other.

A Flexible Approach: We want to give everyone the opportunity to become a yoga teacher- no matter what your schedule is. The 200 hour yoga teacher training schedule is very flexible and missed classes can easily be made up, because all of the information is contained in our thorough and detailed manual. If you have to miss more than 4 weekends or if you work on weekends, contact Jill to see if we can create an alternative plan for you.



With more than 200 hours of in class time this training will include

How to practice and teach yoga techniques: Learn how to teach over 70 asanas including variations, modifications, use of props, adjustments and common misalignments. Pranayama and kriya techniques focusing on the benefits and real world applications and in depth anatomy of the breath. Meditation practices from various cultures and disciplines and most importantly what is the purpose of meditation and how it can enhance your life. Relaxation techniques and the physiology of relaxation. The Power of Sound- chanting, mantra, Sanskrit.

Learn how to practice at home and integrate the 8 limbs of yoga into your life

Study Yoga Philosophy to see how it can apply to and improve everyday life: including the 8 limbs of yoga, the history of yoga, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and the Bhagavad Gita

Advice on how to be a student and a teacher: ethics, lifestyle, learning and teaching styles.

Anatomy and Physiology including how and why yoga works, deep exploration of the anatomy of breath, and practical knowledge you can use in class.

The anatomy and physiology of the energy body: the chakra system.

The Art of teaching: principles of sequencing/class planning, demonstration, voice and language, observing bodies and adjusting (verbal and manual)

How to open and close a class: centering, warm ups.

The Business of Yoga.

Guidance on what to do after you have completed your training: further study, how to keep growing etc.

Journaling and homework exercises to help you develop confidence and teaching skills slowly over time.

The opportunity to observe and assist with classes.

Lots of teaching practice and valuable feedback in a supportive community of friends.Accessible teachers who love to help!

Teacher Training Class Hours

  • Saturday 11am - 7pm
  • Sunday 11am - 6pm
Peace Love Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

2019 Schedule

  • Info Session Dates Below: Must go to at least one if you are intetesed or already commited.

  • Sunday, January 13th at 6:30pm

  • Sunday, February 3rd at 6:30 pm

  • Sunday, March 3rd at 6:30 pm

Requirements For Completing The Program

  • Attend all sessions or make arrangements with Jill to make it up
  • Practice yoga at least three times a week: at least one class with a teacher, and one at home
  • Journaling/ Writing assignments/Reactions to books
  • 10-20 min project of student’s choosing on a yoga topic
  • Observe 4 classes
  • Written Class Plan
  • Teach a half class with a partner
  • Teach a final class- 1 hr
  • Written Take Home Test

By Month

  • January - Stay Tuned for Yin TT Info
  • March - 9th, 10th, 30th, 31st =45Hour Weekend
  • April - 13th, 14th =45Hour Weekend
  • May - 4th, 5th, 18th, 19th
  • June - 8th, 9th
  • July - 20th, 21st
  • August - 10th, 11th, 24th
  • September - 7th, 8t, 21st, 22nd
  • October - 5th, 6th
  • Make Up Weekend - 2018 Program:September 15, 16 | 2019 Program: January 26th
  • Bonus Day - January 13, 2019- 
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45 hour Level 1 Intensive Teacher Training

This training is designed for students interested in deepening the foundation of their own yoga practice and/or learning the basics of teaching yoga. Our Level 1 intensive will provide students the ability to teach a basic Beginner Yoga class with an understanding of basic yoga poses. It is also suitable for those who wish to learn more about yoga but do not wish to teach. This program is ideal for those who want to build up their skills and confidence level before entering a 200 hour program or wish to start teaching yoga before a 200 hour program is undertaken. Upon completion of the intensive, you will receive a certificate of completion from Jill Blumenstock.

This training will specifically include

How to teach over 30 basic yoga poses including variations, modifications, use of props, and common misalignments. These poses include: Centering and Warm-ups, Sun Salutations, Basic Standing Poses, Basic Balancing Poses, Simple Backbends, Forward Bends, Basic Twists, and Savasana.

An Introduction into Yoga Philosophy and History.

Basic breathing and meditation techniques.

How to begin and end a class.

How to plan a class: sequencing and theme-building.

The Art of Teaching: how to use voice and language, observations skills, tips etc.

The Business of Yoga: how to find a job.

Practice teaching and lots of supportive feedback.

Weekly homework designed to help you plan your class slowly and build your teaching skills over time.

Practice and personal journal writing.

  • Info Session Dates Below: Must go to at least one if you are intetesed or already commited.

  • Sunday, January 13th at 6:30pm

  • Sunday, February 3rd at 6:30 pm

  • Sunday, March 3rd at 6:30 pm

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To complete this program, you must

Attend all sessions (if you have to miss a session, arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.

Read the manual and supplemental materials.

Complete weekly journaling and/or homework (it won’t be graded).

Cultivate a regular yoga practice: You must take a yoga class or watch a yoga video once a week.

In addition, you must practice at home at least once a week (at least 20 or 30 minutes) preferably much more.

Teach a 45 minute to 1 hour beginner yoga class.

Your 3 Training Weekend Dates Below!


9th, 10th, 30th, 31st


13th, 14th


If the application does not work please email us and we will get one to you.


If the application does not work please email us and we will get one to you.